A musical tale about the journey of a drop of water. Created for both children and adults, the show makes us reflect on the fascinating physical capacities of this essential element and stimulates the awareness about the way we use it. Water is, as we know, the element of life; taking care of it is taking care of our own lives. We might see ourselves reflected in the story of this little drop in many moments, because we also are, each one of us, drops in the great circle of life. Let us take you on this watery adventure to see the world through other eyes!

Presented as a frontal musical performance, the audience enjoys the combination of musical instruments -such as trumpet, euphonium, flutes and kalimba- with other objects that produce sound with water: glasses, bottles, bowls, pots, sticks and much more. All these sounds will be played and layered live in a loop station, creating enchanting soundscapes that immerse us in the story the narrator will tell. At the end of the show, the performers will give the chance to the audience to make questions, share their thoughts and feelings on the topic, and see closer the musical equipment used.

Music, text and voice: Cielo Faccio
Production: Cielo Faccio, Damian Regozini, Ibon Goitia
Recording, effects, mixing and mastering: Damian Regozini