“A  day out”

It was the year 1881. Oscar Wilde published his first edition of “Portrait of Dorian Grey” and Germany had almost ten thousand locomotives moving passengers throughout the country, as people became aware of the life changing impact of industrialisation. A young woman and her two little brothers, who are on the way to a peaceful Sunday picnic, suddenly find themselves, as if they accidentally went through a magical doorway, catapulted into today’s world.

The walk-act “A day out” is originally presented as a theatrical and musical performance that involves the audience with improvised interactions, games and live music. All of this with a good portion of humor and a hint of provocation, which will make us reflect on today’s world from a detached yet close point of view. A projection from the past that reveals, in its poetry, the absurdities and joys of the present.

Performed by: Katja Tannert, Cielo Faccio and Ibon Goitia.