A Day Out

It was the year 1881. Oscar Wilde published his first edition of the “Portrait of Dorian Grey” and Vincent van Gogh is not yet famous. The industrial revolution creates jobs and makes the life mechanical, in the cities are increasingly present public transport with alternating electric energy. Ladies’ skirts are long, men wear hats. 

A young woman and her two little brothers, on the way to a peaceful Sunday picnic, suddenly find themselves, as if going through a cloud of dust, catapulted into today’s world. With a naivety and a wonder proper only to children and artists, they approach the world around them. The speed of technology terrorizes and fascinates them, the current fashion is analyzed and discussed, every novelty carefully taken under the lens. The Sunday picnic turns into a surreal and fantastic journey, in which there are surprises and discoveries.

The Walk-Act “Sepia” is originally presented as a trio of theatrical and musical performances. The characters act in original costumes and with basic requirements, which used in a multiple and multifaceted way. The show tends to involve the audience with interactions, improvisation, games and live music. All of this with a good portion of humor and a hint of provocation, which will make us reflect on today’s world from a detached yet close point of view. A projection from the past that reveals, in its poetry, the absurdities and joys of the present.

Performed by: Katja Tannert, Cielo Faccio and Ibon Goitia.