…Somewhere, there is a wandering street musician who has travelled for more than twenty years searching for a place called Itaka. As he is very curious and adventurous, he travels observing the environment and following the clues that might take him there. Itaka is, as a mysterious poet once said to him, the secret place where every lonely soul finds its home. Every song he plays with his saxophone is a prayer for that home to be revealed. One day he will arrive to an apparently dormant stage, where he will discover some intriguing elements and an audience. The conditions given in this place and the decisions he makes in it will suddenly open a doorway between reality and his imagination, and a series of enigmatic beings will come out of it. From that moment on, a series of supernatural events will unfold and take him to the edge of a commonly assumed reality… until the revelation takes place. 

Itaka is an interdisciplinary theater show that combines circus acts – such as aerials, juggling and clowning-, live music, modern mime, live painting, dance and object theater. This mystic story uses universal languages to reach any kind of audiences and is intended to both entertain and suggest a reflection on the delusive and changeable nature of “reality”. The performance will take the audience into an imaginative world and make them experience touching, astonishing, empowering and inspiring moments.

Concept, direction, music direction and stage design: Ibon Goitia
Original music: Kabinet Mirage
Cast: Ibon Goitia, Cielo Faccio, Nica Storey, Ernesto Herrera Orta, Patricio Zarazaga, Diane Renée Rodríguez, Daigo Nakai, Ria Rother, Giuseppe Roccazzella.
Production: Ibon Goitia, Cielo Faccio
Sound design: Damian Regozini