Dj Grotesk
Theatrical vinyl selection

Mr. Grotesk is a shape shifting, professional old school Dj, a real atmosphere maker. His eclectic vinyl selection consisting of swing, polka, gipsy, rock, latin and even classical music, mixed delicately through intriguing transitions and soundscapes, will turn the dancefloor into a hyperrealistic fairytale. Moments of joy, love, drama, peace, trance… will unfold while he interacts with the audience and involves it on some cheerful games.

Dj Grotesk is a masked-character played by the musician, actor and director Ibon Goitia. Based in Berlin since 2013, he got inspired by the city’s party scene and various festivals, and decided to create a “theatrical-Dj” performance willing to expand the possibilities of “atmosphere-making” and to stimulate magical moments.