About Us

Kabinet Mirage is a theater company based in Berlin that researches and performs art integration. Founded in 2017 by Cielo Faccio and Ibon Goitia, they’ve performed so far in several European street and art festivals and they’ve organized yearly the colorful music and theater event Feldkunst Festival in the historical Tempelhofer Feld. Also, during this time Kabinet Mirage performed in many cabarets, circus varietés, private events and solidary projects, becoming remarkable in the circus and theatre scene of the city. Furthermore, they’ve been co-directing an Erasmus+ funded international research program about social and art integration called Music for Chameleons, which involved in 2017, 2018 and 2019, a group of 50 young adults from all over Europe, refugees from Africa and people with disabilities. 

Ibon Goitia | Co-founder

was born in 1990 in Bilbao and grew up in an inspiring artistic environment as his parents were the directors of the basque folk dance and music group Itxas-Alde, with which he toured as both dancer and musician for many years. He studied classical music at Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga Conservatory, playing saxophone as the main instrument, and then learned jazz and modern music with Joshua Edelman and at Mr.Jam. Very dedicated and passionate for both art and science, he also studied Engineering of Industrial Design willing to combine both worlds, learn about the integration of aesthetics and functionality, creative processes and social/environmental impact of technology. Once he moved to Berlin in 2013 to professionally focus on performing arts, he got involved in several music projects of different genres and started to be part of some theatre projects also as an actor and dancer. Thus, slowly he realized about the theatricality of music and the musicality of theatre, and how both were one deep and powerful language. He determined to study it taking part in numerous workshops and training intensively mime theatre, clown and object manipulation. Theatre was, in fact, the art in which he could focus and develop all his skills and passions, so after some experience he founded with Cielo Faccio the transdisciplinary theatre company Kabinet Mirage.

Cielo Faccio | Co-founder

was born while his parents were traveling, between fishing villages and hippie municipalities of southern Italy. This condition of movement and search for awareness always accompanied him. He received from his family a disciplined musical education as well as the passion for street art. He soon began to combine the learned trumpet and percussion techniques with theatrical improvisations in street shows, often next to jugglers and other actors. At the age of 15 he began to learn theater with Mehdi Kraiem, with whom he had his first experience of symbiosis and worked intensively on the creation of characters. These deep dynamics that theater can cause lead him to study psychology at university, and after graduating in 2013 (with a thesis on artistic mediation therapies) he did professional training course for actors under the direction of Roberto Ruggeri. The discoveries resulting from the physical work and awareness of the Grotowskian tradition inspired him to move to Berlin. There he has developed many projects, collaborated with different associations and managed various events, which have subsequently led him to the founding, together with Ibon Goitia, of Kabinet Mirage.